AML Compliance For Air Travel Company

This case study, prepared for AirHelp, provides information on how Sanction Scanner helps Air Travel Companies ensure AML compliance.

AirHelp is a global leader in air travel assistance, helping passengers claim compensation for flight disruptions. Operating in over 35 countries, AirHelp has compensated more than 2.2 million passengers, setting a new standard in passenger rights and service.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

As AirHelp grew, maintaining AML compliance while ensuring smooth customer payouts became complex. Sanction Scanner’s vast database and swift screening capabilities revolutionized AirHelp's compliance processes. The AI algorithms and user-friendly user interface significantly reduced the internal control workload, balancing stringent compliance with operational efficiency.

AirHelp also needed financial security for customer payouts, requiring scrutiny of both customers and their banks. Sanction Scanner’s advanced API enabled real-time screening of bank details, identifying high-risk financial institutions without delaying payouts. This enhanced financial security and ensured compliance with international AML regulations.

The partnership with Sanction Scanner led to a 62% reduction in daily operational time, improved compliance integrity, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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