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Our focus and mission at Sanction Scanner are to develop cost-effective solutions that will meet the AML needs of companies of all sizes. In this journey that we have set out for this purpose, we are happy to serve many organizations from different parts of the world. Now, we are here to introduce our new product.  Now, let's meet with our "AML Transaction Monitoring Software," which we have developed to make financial institutions' transaction monitoring software more efficient and fast.

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AML Transaction Monitoring Software

 Why is Transaction Monitoring Important?

The transaction monitoring software is a regulatory requirement for businesses under AML obligations. To meet this legal obligation, the Transaction Monitoring Software of the Sanction Scanner provides end-to-end features to businesses.

 Dynamic Rules and Scenarios

Sanction Scanner provides options to write dynamic rules and sceneries on a wide scale. You can easily create the most convenient rules and scenarios for your business without writing code in transaction monitoring software.

 Advanced Sandbox Test Environment

With the Advanced Sandbox Test Environment, you can test the changes in your rules with your existing transactions. So, you can test your new rules quickly without going live and observe the effects of your new rules without deploying.

 Real-Time Alarms

You can see the alarms of transactions and alarm levels (1-5) of transactions determined according to your scenario and rule sets with our real-time alarm system. So, you can respond to suspicious activities in the fastest way.

 Powerful Alarm Management

It is possible to manage alarms quickly with collective work. With risk management, adding comments, and task assignment features, you can enable your teams to manage cases together.

 Fast Integration with Sample Rules

You can choose the most suitable scenario for your business from our more than 40 ready-made rule sets compatible with each sector and quickly integrate our transaction monitoring tool into your system.

 Risk-Based Scorecards

With our risk-based scorecards, you can make advanced risk assessments based on country, currency, and customer segment criteria. You can also find detailed information about the risk-based scorecard on the customer scorecard in the transaction monitoring software blog.

 User-Friendly Dashboard

For some people, the AML compliance process is complicated. We aim to minimize this complexity with our solutions. With our user-friendly dashboard, you can easily manage and monitor all your transaction monitoring processes.

 Full Audit Trails

Audit trails are significant for companies. Companies need to show audit trails in possible regulatory audits. You can easily access all your past controls in our AML Transaction Monitoring Software. Manage your audit trails for regulatory audits.

If you want to easily comply with AML obligations and minimize your financial crime risks, meet now with the Transaction Monitoring Software of Sanction Scanner.

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