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When it comes to building a team, trust and reliability are paramount for institutions. To mitigate risks and protect their company's reputation, organizations often conduct background checks that include name scans, either before or after an employee's onboarding.

Hiring a new employee represents a significant investment for companies. However, the repercussions of a bad hire can have far-reaching effects. In such cases, organizations can take proactive steps to verify that their potential employees have not been involved in any criminal activities by conducting thorough background checks and confirming their identities.

Background checks serve as a valuable tool in the hiring process, allowing companies to gather pertinent information about candidates and make more informed decisions. By conducting these checks, institutions can gain insights into a candidate's criminal history, employment and education verification, and other relevant aspects. This helps employers establish a sense of trust and confidence in their hiring choices, ensuring that the individuals they bring into their teams align with their values and meet the required standards.

Through background checks, companies can identify any red flags or discrepancies that may arise, allowing them to assess potential risks and make informed judgments. By doing so, organizations can minimize the likelihood of hiring individuals who may pose a threat to the workplace environment or the reputation of the company.

In addition to maintaining security and minimizing risks, background checks also contribute to a more productive and positive work culture. By ensuring that employees have a clean record and verifying their credentials, organizations can foster an environment built on trust, safety, and accountability.

What Does The Background Check Cover?

A background check collects a variety of information about a person from public and private databases, using their name, birthday, ID number. Background check before employee participation may cover the following areas;

  • Identity verification – It can be verified that the applicant has provided a correct name and ID number and is a citizen of the country they specify or have the legal right to work in the country.
  • Criminal history – Verifies whether the applicant has been convicted of a crime, is on probation, has a pending arrest warrant, is on any sanctions, PEP, watchlist, etc.
  • Employment history - See which companies the applicant has worked for and for how long so it can be verified that they provide accurate employment history.
  • Educational background – Similar to employment history, universities and degrees on the candidate's resume can be verified.
  • Credit check – Whether the applicant is financially responsible can be verified.

do background check for your employees before onboarding

Why is Background Check Important?

Background checks are of utmost importance in ensuring a trustworthy and secure work environment. Let's improve the given text to highlight the key points more effectively:

  • A reliable working environment is built on trust and understanding between employers and employees. To establish this foundation, it is crucial for employers to connect with their employees, familiarize themselves with their responsibilities and requirements, and create a comfortable work environment. Building relationships with employees not only promotes a healthy work culture but also encourages cooperation and efficient division of labor. When employees know and trust each other, chaos is minimized.
  • Furthermore, implementing robust background checks is essential for identifying any potential risks associated with employee misconduct, particularly in relation to money laundering activities. Organizations that neglect thorough background checks and fail to implement necessary precautions run the risk of employee fraud and financial losses. Therefore, it is imperative for institutions to take proactive measures such as obtaining CV information prior to interviews and implementing thorough screening controls, including identity verification of potential employees.
  • By conducting comprehensive background checks, employers can instill trust, protect their company's integrity, and mitigate potential risks. These checks help establish a secure work environment, prevent fraud, and comply with regulations. Ultimately, background checks contribute to the overall success and reputation of organizations by ensuring that employees are trustworthy, qualified, and suited to their roles.

Sanction Scanner Solutions

Sanction Scanner offers an advanced solution that empowers large, medium, and small companies to effectively identify employees involved in financial crimes such as money laundering. With its extensive database, which is constantly updated every 15 minutes, the service provides access to thousands of local and global sources, including PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) lists, sanctions lists, watchlists, wanted lists, as well as regulatory and law enforcement data from over 200 countries. This ensures that the Employment Background Checks process is completed securely and comprehensively.

By conducting background checks using Sanction Scanner, companies can ensure that their employees' values align with the company's values. The service provides transparent and GDPR compliant reports, delivering clear and concise information to aid in the decision-making process. Employers can easily search the database using a person's name, ID number, or passport number, allowing for efficient and thorough screenings.

Sanction Scanner's comprehensive solution enhances the effectiveness and reliability of employment background checks. By leveraging its robust database and real-time updates, companies can identify potential risks and mitigate the chances of employing individuals involved in financial crimes. With a focus on compliance and accurate reporting, Sanction Scanner enables organizations to make informed hiring decisions while maintaining the integrity and reputation of their workforce.

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