Anti-Money Laundering in Azerbaijan

Whitepaper on Financial Crime Framework, Risks, Challenges, and Regulatory Landscape to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's strategic position at the crossroads of Europe and Central Asia, combined with its rich natural resources, primarily oil and gas, has propelled its economic growth. However, this growth is shadowed by significant challenges in money laundering and terrorist financing, exacerbated by systemic issues such as corruption and a lack of judicial transparency.

Recent enhancements in AML laws aim to mitigate risks, yet gaps remain, particularly in high-value goods and certain service sectors. The 2023 evaluation highlights progress and areas needing improvement, emphasizing the need for a more robust analytical approach to financial intelligence and better enforcement of international sanctions.

This whitepaper delves into Azerbaijan's AML landscape, assessing the effectiveness of current measures and suggesting pathways for strengthening its financial systems against illicit activities. For detailed insights and a comprehensive analysis, please fill out the form to access the full document.