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Fintech Regulations in the US

Latest updates and insights on US FinTech regulations, compliance requirements, and legal frameworks shaping the financial technology landscape.

Customer Identification Program (CIP)

The key aspects of the Customer Identification Program (CIP), its significance in ensuring compliance with KYC and AML standards, and its critical role in safeguarding financial institutions from fraud and money laundering activities.

Corporate Transparency Act (CTA)

The Corporate Transparency Act goes into effect in the US in January 2024. Businesses, get informed now to ensure compliance with this new regulation.

Tornado Cash: US Blacklists Crypto-Mixing Service

Tornado Cash can be a practical option for legitimate users wanting financial privacy, such as those who want to give to political groups without disclosing their identity or those who want to keep information about their wealth hidden. However, it is also appealing to cybercriminals looking to launder money