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CBDC Stealth Tax Scandal

Stealth tax scandal in central bank digital currency (CBDC) design choice highlights the decision not to pay interest on citizen CBDC holdings.

Wolfsberg Principles for Using AI and Machine Learning

The Wolfsberg Group, a group of 13 global banks that aims to develop frameworks and guidelines for the management of financial crime risks, particularly in relation to customer recognition, anti-money laundering and terrorism financing policies, published the Wolfsberg Principles for Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Financial Crime.

BIS Report on API Standards for Data-Sharing

Bank for International Settlements (BIS) published a report on API standards for data-sharing (account aggregator). The report underlines the importance of APIs for the industry and encourages open banking.

Advantages of APIs for AML Compliance

Do you still struggle with AML Compliance? Sanction Scanner is here for you and your company to support AML Compliance with solutions strengthened by APIs.

Know Your Transaction (KYT)

Know Your Transaction is a financial sector term that refers to the process of reviewing financial transactions for fake or suspicious activities like money laundering.

The Digital Black Market for Identity Data

The online black market, also known as the cybercrime market, is a collection of cybercriminals that aim to earn a lot of illicit money by tricking unsuspecting web users.