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Transaction Monitoring in Banks

Transaction monitoring is vital for compliance in banking to help institutions detect and prevent financial crimes such as money laundering and fraud.

KYC and AML Compliance for Digital-Only Banks

Like many financial institutions, digital-only banks are under increasing pressure to comply with AML and KYC regulations, which require them to verify the identities of their customers.

FCA Exposes Crime Control Flaws in Challenger Banks

The popularity of challenger banks in the UK has grown exponentially in recent years, according to the financial services industry. The FCA's recent review found that some challenger banks still have room to improve in terms of anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance.

Santander Fined €5.6M in Money Laundering Scandal

The European Court of Auditors recently warned that current anti-money laundering measures are "insufficient" in the banking sector. Yet, looking at the international panorama of banking scandals of the last decade or so, it seems that it is convenient for banks to risk, incur penalties and pay.