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Turkey's largest telecommunications operator Turk Telekom had spent the purpose of the PİLOT life support early-stage initiatives. Of the startups that graduated from PILOT, 30 have received investments so far. According to a statement from Turk Telekom also made the first institutional venture acceleration program implemented by the private sector in Turkey and 8th semester, so far, the newly graduated pilots completed 73 initiatives. Türk Telekom invested in 4 startups, including the corporate venture capital company TT Ventures and PİLOT alumni.

Türk Telekom PİLOT Graduates

With the completion of the 3-month PILOT program, there were some initiatives among the graduates, such as Sanction Scanner, such as CryptoIndexSeries Hevi AI, PDAccess, ProcessEye Studio, Qubitro, Resardis, and Synonym. Thirty startups were graduating from PILOT and receiving investment; It focuses on areas such as artificial intelligence, education and health technologies, virtual reality, cloud-based applications, mobile applications, developer applications, e-sports, and e-commerce.

Türk Telekom also continues to offer innovative products and services to its customers by collaborating with PİLOT graduate startups. In this context, TT Payment and Electronic Money Services signed an agreement with "Sanction Scanner" the eighth-term graduate of PİLOT, which offers AML solutions for the detection of crime revenues. As Sanction Scanner, we are honored to graduate from this program and to agree with Türk Telekom. Our founder Fatih Coşkun talked about the Sanction Scanner at the PİLOT Demo Day event last month.

In Sanction Scanner, we do two main jobs: to collect data from blacklists published by all governments from all world databases with an artificial intelligence-supported algorithm. The second is to analyze the transactions made by their customers in real-time and a money laundering pattern or terrorism. If there is a terrorist financing pattern, we provide services with both an artificial intelligence-supported and innovative approach to detect them instantly and report them to the institution and stop the transaction.
As Sanction Scanner, our main goal is to integrate easily, be easy to use, and present the right data to financial institutions with a scalable, innovative structure. We aim to grow this business globally by putting on an 18-month initiative every month.
Fatih Coşkun /CEO at Sanction Scanner

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